Billy Yoder Horsemanship Clinic

June 5, 2021
Black Hawk Hill, Antigo, WI

Horsemanship Skills Body Control & Softening Obstacle Trail

This clinic will help riders become more confident, learn to work as a partner with your horse, and develop skills that can be utilized both on the trail and in the arena.

Incorporating obstacles gives practical
application to the relationship between you and your horse.

About Billy Yoder Horsemanship

Billy Yoder Horsemanship Clinic

Billy Yoder has 10 years of experience training and showing horses in Ranch Riding, Ranch Pleasure, Ranch Reining, Trail, Cutting, and Working Cowhorse.

This Clinic is designed to help the rider with horsemanship skills and to have better communication with the horse.

He will explain obstacles you might encounter on the trail and in competition and how to perform the maneuvers for some of the common obstacles including sidepassing over a log, backing between poles, opening and closing gates, jumps, poles/cones, or turn around/pivoting in a box.

Clinic Information

Clinic Fee: $175 | Youth 18 & under: $100 | Audit Fee: $50 

4 Youth Scholarships will be awarded to attend the clinic. Apply at 

Maximum of 15 riders. $75 deposit due with registration. Register online here or email