Obstacle Trail Clinic

May 20, 2023

at Black Hawk Hill Horse Park and Obstacle Trail Course


Building Skills for Competitive Obstacle Trail


This clinic will help riders become more confident, learn how to correctly maneuver a judged and timed competitive obstacle course, and learn the skills needed to improve scoring and time on the course.

Obstacle Trail

This clinic is designed to help the rider with horsemanship skills and to have better communication with the horse.

This clinic will focus on obstacles you might encounter on the trail and in competition and how to correctly execute the maneuvers for some of the common obstacles including sidepassing over a log, backing between poles, opening and closing a mailbox, gates, jumps, poles/cones, or turn around/pivoting in a box.

The clinic will begin with individuals performing a timed and judged run on the obstacle trail course, followed by an evaluation, how to properly execute each obstacle, and coaching and guidance to improve in the areas specific to you and your horse.

Clinic Information

Clinic Fee: $75

Youth 18 & under: $50

Audit Fee: $25

Maximum of 15 riders.

$25 nonrefundable deposit due with registration.

Register online at blackhawkhill.org or email mckenzie@blackhawkhill.org

Obstacle Trail