Equine Assisted Learning

A powerful and effective approach that has an incredible impact on individuals, youth, families and groups.

Equine Assisted Learning can assist in addressing various struggles including behavioral issues, ADD/ADHD, relationship problems and communication needs. Through guided activities with horses, adolescents learn to interpret non-verbal communication and assertiveness while using creative thinking and problem solving. Youth develop leadership and teamwork skills, and build confidence and healthy attitudes.

By learning to work with horses, youth will better understand their emotions, the value in working as part of a team, and learn valuable communication skills.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a unique approach to learning that involves interactive, goal-oriented activities with horses. Riding horses is NOT a part of this program. This allows the teams to work toward achieving goals together while utilizing each individual’s strengths. Programs encourage learning through experiences. The horses are utilized as metaphors in these activities to build life skills and to promote the exploration of behaviors


At Black Hawk Hill, equine-assisted learning programs include an established curriculum tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the participants. For example:

  • In working as a group to get a horse to walk backwards, students learn about their own problem solving and communication skills.
  • Building an obstacle course to lead their horses through helps youth to develop decision-making and goal-setting skills.
  • Responsibility is exercised when all participants are expected to wear appropriate attire, be on time and cleaning up after themselves and their horses.


  • School/Youth Groups
  • Families
  • Organizations/Companies
  • Military/Veterans
  • Groups for Retreats/Workshops